When the strides of franchisee business in the wellness industry in the last ten years are analysed and documented, one name stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Amit Chawla, the little hercules. Simply because in the last decade there is no mountain in the franchisee business that he has not conquered. Today Strands is one of the biggest salon chain in India. The franchisee models of Strands are industry’s trendsetters. Strands is a national brand today with 70 salons in 18 states.

Amit Chawla has sown seeds of this franchise tree with unparalleled marketing foresight, unrivalled business acumen, highly respected humane values, revered teamamship and leadship skills. Amit Chawla has the knack to connect with an aspiring entrepreneur which goes beyond business boundaries. Over the years Amit Chawla has become synonymous with creating entrepreneurs form thin air. The industry looks up to him to create more milestones and benchmarks in the future.