Sun, Summer and Sensual Lips

Temperature and humidity is rolling at an exponential rate, and trust me I’m already shrinking out of perspiration. With the rising heat, floral prints, light shades and casual apparels, who doesn’t want to pull off a glamorous summer diva look? Trust me we all want to enjoy the paparazzi. For me, the only stuff that retains me in sane this summer is Mojito, denim shorts and my lips drenched in bright dazzling lipstick. Ditching those dull corporate lip shades and exploring the funky loud colors is so much fun. Here are a few popping shades for this season, to get you summer-ready.

  • Bright Berry
    The butter present in lipstick hydrates the lips and moisturizes them for summer, imprinting a beautiful shade of berry on your pout.

  • Smokey Orange
    The motto of this summer is the brighter the better! But if you are not into vibrant orange shades, the fashionistas recommend this shade of opaque lip gloss which looks equally cool.

  • Orangey Red
    This color pulls off a flawless summer look because of its warm as well as cool undertone, declaring it a sort that goes well with an array of skin colors.

  • Pale Pink
    To brighten the natural hue of your lips apply this shimmery shade of pink for a soft pink tone.

  • Peachy Coral
    Nothing complements your tanned skin tone like Peachy coral does. It kisses your lips with just the right amount of brightness and luster.

  • Creamy Coral
    It’s a perfect color for sun n sand. With as much pigment as a normal lipstick, it not only lasts long but also gives a super shiny coral touch to those lips.

  • Soft Tangerine
    If you are not a bold is beautiful kind of a girl, I personally recommend you to go for this shade. It leaves a soft orange shade which not only goes with all skin tones but looks sexy as well.

  • A few famous brands are listed below just in case you want to go through

  • 1. Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in "Party Red," $35,

  • 2. Katty Kat Matte Lipstick in "Coral Cat" $5,

  • 3. EM Cosmetics Long-Wearing Lip Creme in "Faded Clementine," $16,

  • 4. Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss in "Call Me!" $28,

  • 5. Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in "Sweet Spot," $53,

  • 6. Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Color in "Olga," $37,

  • Take Away
    Remember, the tan will fade away, but the glamorous imprint you hold will last forever. So, let go off the barriers and flaunt these shades on your luscious lips. Because you pretty lady, deserve to look fabulous, don’t you?

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