Conquer the World with Contour

That’s very human of you to wish for thinner nose and perfect cheekbones! But, nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful. Well, that is there. And then there is Contour, fixing everything you think is wrong with you, without much of a hassle. Contouring to me is an art. The way one blends those colors, hiding unwanted features, highlighting bones and muscles, to get that perfect sculpted face, is incredible. I may sound rude, but there is a fine line between contouring and painting your face. So, always go for professionals or practice frequently if you are all by yourself.

Did you know contour can trick your face into looking slimmer? Well, good news then! You can have that, much needed nose job, just by contouring right! There are different ways for contouring. You can turn all traditional and use powder or you can opt for blush shades and concealers. Intrigued? Today, in this blog, I will discuss different knacks for contour to conquer that carved celebrity look.

  • Old School Powder Brush-up
    It is a traditional, old-fashioned move to contour your face but with exceptional lasting effects. Starting with, a slim brush gasped in deep matte, shade the cheek wells, base of the jaw, the side of the nose, and the forehead for a subtle carved face. Pick another matte, this time lighter than skin tone and shade the areas under your eyes, moving towards the center of the forehead and then nose, underneath cheekbone and finally chin, providing contrast to the shades endured. To remove that chalky feel, go for setting sprays to omit the crumbly surface, faking a brilliantly elevated and prominent facial structure.

  • Confidence, Contour & Concealers
    If you possess a phobia for face powders and are paranoid how the chalky texture may look on your dry skin, concealer is your savior. Functioning quite the same way as powder, concealers are handier for highlighting the area you want to slim down, like under cheekbone and downside nose. Take a concealer, 3 shades darker than your skin tone for better highlights. Blend it with a compact bristle till the shadows appear to be natural. Then go for a 2 shade lighter concealer and draw a line beneath each eye, center of forehead, nose, chin and beneath the cheekbones. Now blend it up. Brush a slight amount of gleaming powder on that perfectly contoured face and blend those bumpy edges for a lasting effect.

  • Blushers hold the Key
    If the above methods seem overrated and high maintenance, don’t worry. You can attain that flawless sculpted face by using Blusher (Rouge). Yes ma’am, you heard me right! Smear your foundation consistently before blending your favorite blusher onto the cheeks. The trick here is to emphasize on the cheekbone and mildly merge it up towards the ear. For auxiliary boost, use a blusher with extra sparkle to clasp the brightness along your cheekbones and craft a more definite outlined face. But please make sure you don’t use a lot of it, unless you are going for a Retro themed party.

  • Go for contour to grab that sensational glamorous uplift and sculptured features. And always remember, inner beauty is good, but a little contour never hurts!

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