Remove Tan naturally, respect your skin gracefully

Skin issues are not skin deep so there is really no need to resort to third degree treatments of heavy creams. Skin issues relating to sun tanning can best be resolved naturally.

So, to start with lets discover how fruits can help us to remove tanning.

Papaya mixed with honey is the ideal cure to remove toughest of tans. Just apply for 30 mins on affected areas be it face or any body part and watch the magic happen. Please ensure papaya is ripe and right!

Another effective cure is fibre. Oatmeal apart from being an excellent medium to reduce weight, is a very potent tan cure. All you need to do is to mix butter milk with oatmeal and experience deep tan bidding goodbye without herculean effort. In other words oatmeal is all about enjoying healthy eating and relishing healthy care.

Now hold your breath, a series of delicious tan cures are coming for you. The star is one of my favourite…yoghurt. Yoghurt is studded with priceless probiotic properties that help in digestion and when mixed with tomato juice takes care of our tan problems effectively.

Last but not the least, potato mixed with lemon juice is the instant tan removal remedy as the double inherent dose of vitamin C not only eradicates the tanning instantly it also helps soothe sunburns quickly.

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