Those Spectacular Red Lips!

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can rule the world.”

I don’t know how much that works for other shades, but red indeed is a true game changer. Boldness and elegance disguised in a single color, this must have descended from the heavens, I bet!

From the era of jazz to the age of rock-n-roll, red lips have always been a liberator, bringing out the best in every woman. But fashion always accompanies myths. Some say red lips aren’t meant for the daylight, while others say it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Honestly, I think, anyone can pull of red lipstick – you just have to find your soul shade. But then it’s not merely a shade, it’s an emotion they say. So, be vampish, be bold, be powerful, be nothing but yourself. Because ultimately it is all about confidence and that perfect red pout!

But when you set forth your first step in search of the right shade, trust me, you will feel like a lost child in the supermarket. With innumerable shades and varieties of brands, it really does take the age old, hit and trial method to find that perfect red sole mate for you.

Red probably can be integrated into a dozen shades but the following four are the most prominent ones.

Blue red is one of the shades frequently used by the cool undertones. If you possess a cool undertone, your skin will be lean pink, red, or blue. In such cases red blue shades with satin finish or matte would look perfect on the skin type.

Orange red on the other hand is specially recommended for those who possess a warm undertone. Orange and yellow toned red, suits them better bringing out the red more prominently against their skin type.

Glossy red lipstick is a highly pigmented product for fuller looking lips accompanied by the intense glossy finish. It looks like you are wearing lips tick and a gloss without much of an effort.

Elusive red however, refers to the context where one doesn’t go for bold and bright shades of red. Rather a pinch of red in the shade does the needful.

So, now that you’ve got a glimpse of these new red retreats, go ahead and explore your new looks. Because a stunning luscious red lips can sparkle up a dull day like anything and add an extra oomph of glamour to your ravishing look.

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