Terms & Conditions

Information We Gather
The following information is gathered from our visitors to our website: User account information when applicable, site visitation information, page views, browsers used and browser capabilities and site search queries. We also collect and retain any information submitted to our organization via the contact and other forms located in the site or in related landing pages or promotional pages.

How We Use the Information We Gather
We use the information we collect on the site to enhance your visitor experience. Our information is not shared with any parties outside of Strands Salon n Spa and its designated agents. We itself make use of Google Analytics for site traffic reporting.

The People That Are Given Access To This Information
Your personal information is accessible only by designated Strands Salon n Spa employees. In limited cases, personal information may be visible to our designated web service provider but that information is only related to site functionality. No individual personal information such as applications or other sensitive information is stored on this site or accessible by any third party.

The Security Measures We Have In Place
To Protect Your Personal Information
To safeguard your personal information, we have implemented secure page logins and locked user accounts to email addresses so that any attempt to access login information cannot be sent to non-authorized parties.

Our Use of Cookies
Our website makes use of cookies which are small digital files that are stored in your web browser that enable us to track your return visits to our website. Your browser settings may allow you to block these cookies, but we recommend you have them enabled to help us personalize your experience on our website.

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